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What is a sports widget?

A widget is a stand-alone application that can be embedded into third party sites by any user on a page. Our sports widgets are not only small bits of code but well-developed sports applications that can easily be embedded into any website, mobile app, blog, etc. enhancing your content; thus, increasing the amount of engaged users/visitors.

Sportlets – Sports Widgets

SPORTLETS are our latest innovation. These are smart sports widgets that appear within the news story Bringing facts to context and context to facts.

Key to the Sportlet™ solution is the application which enables a licensed client to embed widgets, nuggets and other smart content into their editorial.

We cover a wide range of sports in 18 languages.

Widgets features

Sportlets are easy to embed in any website or mobile app

*Enrich your content by bringing up related information automatically.

Sportlets  are easily and fully customizable

Rank your site better! SPORTLETS are SEO friendly

White labeled, insert your own brand or distribute it to your customers.

Flexible deals tailored specifically for your business.

Catalog of widgets

  • Fixtures & Results

  • Scoreboards

  • Live Commentary

  • Lineups

  • Rankings

  • Predictions

  • Standings

  • Team Stats

Sports widgets - graphic description

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