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Live Scorer

If you were actually looking for “Live Scorer”, you are in the right page.

Live scorer is our flagship product, it is the culmination of years of work and experience in sports.

We define it as the set of smart sports widgets that bring together the most relevant and engaging information to sports fans.

In a nutshell: Everything your sports fans want to know in one place.


Description of the Live Scorer

Just as mentioned before, this is a set of smart widgets, which means they can work independently but they bring about the best results when used together.

The whole set, shows a sleek design and a powerful engine to retrieve the data almost instantly. The Live scorer is mobile responsive so that your users will have an amazing experience on their mobiles too.



Drop- down lists to make navigation easier and quicker

Line up graphics and formations

Stats: detailed statistics of a match and/or teams

Commentary (real time)

Advertising: You have the possibility to use your own ads and sponsors as a way to monetize your live scorer

Easy to embed: the easiest way to embed live scorer or its independent modules is by using an iframe since we use javascript; however, only-html versions are available as well.



Almost all of our products come in four different languages as standards: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.


Subscription Model

The live scorer and independent widgets are available to license on a year-long basis and/or specific series basis like the upcoming World Cup Russia 2018.



What is the price?

The price is subject to data and bandwidth usage, the more bandwidth you require the higher the price. Say you have a small website focused only on sports and you´ve got a fan base asking for live scores yet your fan base is not so big yet. You may probably want to go for the starter package of 100 USD per month. See table below for prices:



Bandwidth included

Monthly Fee (on a year contract)







Big data







How do you know how much data I consume?


That´s an easy one. All widgets and modules retrieve data from our servers; therefore, every visit to the live scorer on your website will generate a data request to our servers. The more visits you have, the more bandwidth you will require.


I speak Klingon, can I get my live scorer in this language?


Most probably yes, in the case that you require a specific module or the whole set in a language other than the standards listed above, we will evaluate the feasibility of such language upon request. Just for the record, we have delivered the live scorer in more than 15 different languages already (although, no one has requested Klingon yet).


I am a football team and I want only the scores of my team and statistics, can I get a live scorer fully personalized?


Yes definitely! We work not only with sports news sites but also with sports teams. We can customize the live scorer to show the news and scores of your team.


Is it only for football?


Nope, live scorer can work for different sports like cricket, tennis, NFL, AFL, rugby, etc.


Should you have more questions please give us a call or drop us a line and we will reply as fast as we can.

Whether you want to buy a live scorer for your site or make an enquiry please click on the button below to go to the contact page.  

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