Why Content Managers are So Excited About Final 32’s Sport Widget

Any content manager knows the importance of keeping the information on their site fresh, informative and appealing. Not only does this keep users on the site longer, it also ensures that one-time visitors turn into regular users.

That’s why for content managers, infoplum’s new Final 32 widget is a dream come true. It can help content managers keep their sports news fresh and up-to-date, while also providing opportunities to:

  • Engage the huge community of football fans (estimated to be 4 billion)
  • Monetise the upcoming World Cup
  • Introduce games to their site to get users engaged and returning

Final 32 provides a unique and engaging visualisation and graphical representation, and real-time information that helps keep your site current and informative.

What is it?

Final 32 has been released to coincide with the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which kicks off in Russia on June 14. It’s a new and improved version of infoplum’s Football Data Cube, which was embedded on 161 websites in more than 20 countries during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Not only does the sports widget allow you to share World Cup scores, fixtures, results, standings, player stats, records, and live match data on your website, it also introduces a unique gamified experience for your users.

The engaging and entertaining Final 32 Trivia offers a personalised experience for every user. Before the World Cup has even commenced, a user can visit a site with Final 32 to answer 10 questions each week, while catching up on the latest sports news. This keeps them on your site longer – helping you to demand higher advertising revenue. And, since the questions differ each week, users keep coming back again and again.

Best of all, the widget is fully customisable, so it can be designed to look in line with your website.

How it works

Once a user has registered, a personal version of the live data allows them to easily follow their team and share on social media.

Users can access the trivia through mobile and desktop browsers, Facebook and more, without losing their personalised experience. In a world of static content, bland match results and post-game write ups, this is truly refreshing for users.

Since Final 32 is integrated with Facebook, you can virally increase your traffic by promoting the widget to user’s friends.

And it collects your users’ email addresses too, offering you all kinds of marketing opportunities, including:

  • Sending targeted offers, promotions and competitions
  • Converting your visitors into paid news subscriptions
  • Keeping your users regularly up-to-date with the latest news and updates.

Benefits to content managers

Final 32 offers real time information, 10 new trivia questions every week, and a personalised experience that’s hugely appealing and will keep users on your pages longer – in turn, helping you to command more money from advertisers.

It also offers excellent sponsorship potential with weekly prizes for the trivia.

Add to that the fact you can build a database of new users to market to with targeted offers, promotions and competitions, or even opportunities converting users into paid news subscriptions…

Why wouldn’t a content manager be on board?

In a nutshell, Final 32 is:

  • An integrated single-product widget offering “more than just the score”
  • A way to extend on the monetary opportunity associated with the World Cup by engaging football fans even before the World Cup commences
  • An interactive and informative way to keep up with live match data during and after the World Cup
  • A fun way to keep users coming back to a site.

How to get started

If you’re a content manager looking to do something a little extraordinary this World Cup, look into getting Final 32 for your site. No other activity in the world unites people more than a good sporting event, and with Final 32, your site can become a point of connection for communities. In 2014, infoplum’s football widget saw a total of 4.1 billion web requests… and you could be cashing in on this traffic this time around.

Supporting a team gives people a sense of identity – one that your site can be a part of by offering meaningful and ongoing information and entertainment. Sports fans can build on the emotion, enjoyment and connection they get when supporting their team every time they visit your site. This will keep them coming back over and over again and will keep you, as a content manager, kicking goals in your job.

Get in touch about embedding Final 32 in your site today and arrange a live demo. infoplum can embed widgets wherever you are in the world. But make sure you act quickly – the day before the 2014 World Cup opening ceremony attracted more than 6 million hits per hour and you’d be crazy not to capitalise on this for this year’s World Cup.


Arun has extensive experience and a track record of accomplishment in establishing, building and managing new ventures in challenging environments through innovative ideas, products and marketing strategies for digital media, sports content and software applications.