The T20 World Cup 2016 is one of the must see events of 2016

With more than a billion websites in existence and some 3.17 billion internet users, how do you stand out and identify ways to attract more web traffic? The search terms in sport are a key that tell us what people look for, every single day.

What was the most engaging sport event of 2015? According to Google Trends, the ICC Cricket World Cup was the biggest searched for event of the year in Australia. Here is a graph that breakdowns of how the searches spiked during the year.

The 2015 Cricket World Cup was the most widely searched for and surpassed all the major events that were widely followed namely, the Australian Footy League, 2015 Rugby World Cup and the AFC Asian Cup.

As for the T20 World Cup 2016, the searches have been massive. Four of the top six searches related to T20 Cricket were recorded to be ‘Breakouts’ which means that the search term grew by 5000%!

The T20 Leagues across the world have had loyal fan following. The Big Bash League has 130,000 plus Twitter followers, 1 million plus Facebook fans while more than 29,000 had been talking about the League during its 2015-16 season. While the Indian Premier League (IPL) has more than 16 million Facebook fans.

With such figures and a fortnight before the T20 World Cup starts in India, it can be comfortably predicted that the Fan Engagement would reach the ‘Breakouts’ stage.

This is where the Sportsflash Cricket scoreboard and the widgets come into play.

Sportsflash have a range of engaging and easy to use options to attract, keep & monetize audiences. This includes the innovative ‘Matchlet’ (in development phase) that not only imparts the up to date statistics but also delivers the real time mapping of the shots played by a batsman and in what area he gave away his wicket! It also allows you to replay the match ball-by-ball. Further, the Predictor widget is another example, where the accuracy in predicting the winner has attracted a lot of traffic and engagement especially from the online betting world – punters always looking for that edge! The Sportsflash widgets are a great second-screen companion to the TV broadcast.

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