infoplum Relaunches the Football Widget That Saw 4.1 Billion Web Requests Last World Cup

The 2018 World Cup kicks off in Russia on June 14, and if last World Cup is anything to go by, consumers are already hungry for news about their favourite teams.

Ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, infoplum’s Football Data Cube was embedded on 161 websites in more than 20 countries. The app featured comprehensive coverage using content filed by 180 sportswriters, photographers and others from Agence France-Presse (AFP) that were sent to Brazil to report on the World Cup along with live scores and statistics updates.

The result was an engaging and informative application that attracted a total of 4.1 billion web requests during the World Cup. That’s 153 million hits per day, and over 100 million pageviews. Users were rewarded with updates on scores, highlights, news, pictures, advanced statistics, profiles, predictive data, standings, player stats and even 3D video replays of goals – exactly what the sports world collectively craved throughout the World Cup.

On the day before the opening ceremonies, traffic from the infoplum application reached more than 6 million hits per hour – roughly 1,736 hits per second – a mind-blowing sum considering it was well before the whistle blew to start the first match.

The Football Data Cube was so successful and so responsive that it won a Gold Award for Outstanding New Product Category of the Year at the Asian Digital Media Awards 2014.

Now, with the 2018 FIFA World Cup just around the corner, news and updates around the event have started to roll in and the fans are starting to get riled up.

In good news for sports journalists, website content managers, and consumers alike, infoplum has announced the relaunch of its popular World Cup widget, this time with even more special features.

Engage users with World Cup trivia

The Final 32 widget is a stand-alone application that can be easily embedded into your website using small bits of code. It takes very little effort to get Final 32 up and running, with onboarding provided from infoplum and the widget customised to suit the look and feel of your website, mobile app, blog or other digital platform.

This time around the widget also offers a new gamified experience through engaging and entertaining Final 32 Trivia. Providing a personalised experience for every user, the trivia maximises user engagement by offering ‘more than just the score’. Before the World Cup has even commenced, a user can visit your website to answer 10 questions each week while catching up on the latest sport news.

Final 32 Trivia uses unique profiles across all platforms to deliver a consistent user experience. When a user first visits, the standard elements of the widget are seen, as are a limited number of questions. Think of it as a teaser – but for the user to continue playing, they must register.

Once registered, a personal version of the live data will allow users to easily follow their team and share on social media, assisting with building your email database and drawing more people to your site. Users can access the trivia through mobile and desktop browsers, Facebook, and more, without losing their personalised experience.

In a world of static content, bland match results and post-game write-ups, the Final 32 Widget provides media outlets with an engaging way to provide fresh content to their users.

Engage your World Cup readers

No other activity in the world unites people more than a good sporting event. Events like the World Cup, UEFA Champions League and the Olympics serve as totems, a point of connection for communities. Supporting a team gives people a sense of identity that sits alongside loyalty. Tapping into these events is a great way to connect meaningfully with your audience and build ongoing audience engagement. Providing up-to-date, accurate, and insightful team news will keep your audience informed and entertained. infoplum can help you supply this reliable information to sports fans without any extra effort on your part. Beyond that, the Final 32 widget provides a way to enhance a consumer’s news experience through engaging trivia that builds the emotion, enjoyment and connection an avid sports fan feels when using your site or product – and keeps them coming back.


Arun has extensive experience and a track record of accomplishment in establishing, building and managing new ventures in challenging environments through innovative ideas, products and marketing strategies for digital media, sports content and software applications.