GolfIT – innovation in action

GolfIT® is an innovative solution for Golf Tournaments. Put simply, it provides a complete solution for capture, analysis and delivery of content for any golf event thereby allowing tournament administrators to effectively manage all aspects of the tournament. It is a fully integrated, secure and efficient system that enables fast and effective means for capturing and presenting the contents for a golf tournament. The GolfIT system is suited to any kind of Golf event irrespective of its size and complexity.

GolfIT® makes use of the latest technologies to:
•    Provide an efficient & effective means of capturing data from a Golf event
•    Keep all users up to date with the latest scores irrespective if they are on-course or off-course
•    Provide an enhanced on-course infotainment experience for the users
•    Offers users with a wide range of statistical data
•    Bring more life and energy to an event & deepen oncourse spectator interaction
•    Offer greater sponsorship opportunities and new revenue streams

GolfIT has appeared at:

  • 2007       Australian Open (The Australian GC, Sydney)
  • 2008-11 The Riversdale Cup (Riversdale GC, Melbourne) – the second oldest golf championship played in Australia
  • 2009      Victorian PGA (Sanctuary Lakes, Melbourne)