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5 Ways to Build Your Brand With the World Cup

Come the 14th June 2018, the world will be enthralled in its largest and most exciting sporting event. As a Twitter campaign put it back in 2014, the entire world will be dreaming the same dream for 32 days.

Throughout the tournament, football fans worldwide will be following their favourite teams. But more importantly, these fans will be even more likely to follow brands after the World Cup.

When Crowdtap polled 850+ men and women to understand social media as it relates to the World Cup, it found that 52.1 percent of football fans would be more likely to follow a brand than a team after the World Cup. Clearly, the World Cup is a fantastic opportunity for you to market and build your brand.

Here are five simple ways you can do this.

1. Incorporate festive design elements on your website

There’s benefit to letting your site visitors know that you’re a team player. You show that you’re on the same wavelength and that you know your audience. Adjust the colour scheme of your site to match the colour of your team’s flag, be it the background, buttons or more. Why not consider adding a ‘Go Team Badge’ to let people know which team you support?

2. Connect with fans using hashtags

Create relevant hashtags and every time your country is about to play, scores a goal or brings on a player, engage your fellow fans by shouting out about it on social media. Where possible, connect your hashtags to your products or services.

3. Offer a themed flash sale

Who doesn’t love a great deal? Cash in on the World Cup frenzy and promote a special flash sale specifically aligned with the global sporting event. Try a sweeping promotion of 20% off everything in your online store, or push a product that ties into the event in some way. Customise the sale to best work for your business.

4. Organise a competition

Facebook users love a good competition, and the World Cup is a great excuse to hold a series of pools. You could keep it simple by asking who will be the winner of the World Cup or who will be the top scorer. You could organise a pool to guess the result of a specific match or the final result of the competition, and let your fans have fun by placing their bets.

Alternatively, you could run a video competition and ask your followers to share an entertaining video of them celebrating a goal. Participating will be as easy as pushing record and then uploading.

5. Embed the Final 32 Trivia Widget on your site

Final 32 is a HTML application that offers comprehensive coverage of the World Cup, including news, images, results and more. Used as a way to bring World Cup fever to your site and keep users engaged, it offers live coverage of all matches, match statistics, standings, historical deals, 3D-animated replays, trivia questions and news.

Final 32 is the latest offering from infoplum, and comes off the back of the Football Data Cube, which was embedded on 161 websites in more than 20 countries ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The Football Data Cube attracted a total of 4.1 billion web requests during the World Cup – 153 million hits per day and over 100 million page views. On the day before the opening ceremonies, traffic from the application reached more than 6 million hits per hour – roughly 1,736 hits per second!

Final 32 is the Football Data Cube and more. This time round it features a gamified experience, with engaging and entertaining trivia questions. It provides a personalised experience for every user, and the trivia questions maximise user engagement by offering more than just the score.

Final 32 is fresh, informative and appealing content, that keeps users on your website longer and ensures that one-time visitors turn into regular users. It’s a marketing dream – the best way possible to monetise the World Cup and engage the huge community of football fans.

Best of all, the widget is easy to embed and fully customisable, meaning it can be designed in line with your website.

Find out more or arrange a demo here.

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Building your brand

When all eyes are on the World Cup, it makes sense to incorporate it into your marketing strategy. Be it through a hashtag, a promotion, a competition, a blog or through the Final 32 Trivia Widget, there’s no better way to build your brand.

Thanks to social technologies and digital media, World Cup fans are no longer confined to experiencing the games within their direct community. Real-time, shareable information excites fans and is a way for them to express their support and unite with other fans from across the globe. For you, it provides an opportunity to get your brand in front of new networks you might not otherwise have been able to.


Arun has extensive experience and a track record of accomplishment in establishing, building and managing new ventures in challenging environments through innovative ideas, products and marketing strategies for digital media, sports content and software applications.