Since its inception in 1990, Cadability, and now infoplum, has been a pioneer in the Australian multimedia market, committed to providing innovative multimedia solutions.
Over the last 20 years we have paid close attention to the needs of our customers while keeping an eye out for changing technologies that have shaped the way we do business. As we continue our transformation into being a mobile led IT company, our focus is on innovation and growth.
With this evolution was born a need to refresh our identity to better reflect our fresh approach to business and infoplum came alive from the planting of these seeds. For us the name Infoplum provides the contemporary image we are seeking. With its connotations relating to information, colour, growth, being true, absolute and fresh, infoplum reflects our values and commitment to our customers.


For Sports Fans

Catch the latest live coverage of major sporting events on your mobile phone so you’re always a part of the action. Ball by ball coverage, fixtures, predictions, match results, stats, replays and much more. Our apps are designed to bring you more than the score thereby giving you access to comprehensive coverage at your fingertips.

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